Road Tripping

We are headed out tomorrow to go on a 6 day (or maybe more) road trip with the family. I used to get stressed out thinking about something like this. Let’s face it, you are asking for it when you trap 4 kids 10 and under in a van for hours on end.

This time it’s different.

Are the kids guaranteed to behave? Well…no. They will most likely bicker over who is touching who, weird sounds, and complain about being thirsty. They are kids.

I get to choose how I react to it. It’s great. I get to choose how I affect the environment and the mood of the trip. Awesome, right?

I am excited about this trip, though, for the experience we are going to have. Braque and I often talk about the values we want for our boys. Of course there are the obvious ones like love, grace, compassion, confidence, and humility.

Another value keeps coming up. We want our boys to embrace adventure. Uncertainty makes life more exciting. Resolving the uncertainty is rewarding.

You say “yes” to opportunities when you embrace adventure. You see more, do more, and feel more. Sure, you mess up more often too, but this only adds to the learning.

Our boys, and we, will end up strengthening our other values when we seek adventure.

So here is to saying yes to the detours, backroads, and whims. I hope we look back on this trip and feel something because it was more than bickering in the back seat about who is copying who.