I have always been strong when everything is on the line. That’s why I love starting things. I’m energized by the effort involved in getting something going, when nothing is certain, and everything is at stake.

And now, everything is moving, but it’s also far from perfect. I have recognized that I’m just not as strong of a manager when there isn’t a “crisis” going on. I want that to change.

I need to learn how to be the guy who executes with the same level of focus, intensity, and effectiveness when the wind is at my back as I do when by back is against the wall. I’m not running my company as well as I want to be right now. But, instead of doing things the way I have been, I’ve reached out to people for help.

I am very grateful I have people in my life who not only give me honest feedback about areas where I need to improve, but who also help me get where I need to be.

I’ll be heading over to shadow a more established CEO while he runs his company as soon as I hit publish on this post and close my laptop.

I’m really excited for today.