Stop Adding

The hardest part of turning an idea to reality is starting. The second hardest part is to stop adding to it.

Idea people have a tendency to over think a problem because it is so easy to see improvements that can be made.

Have you ever been in a project meeting and said, “How awesome would it be if…” every 5 minutes?

Keep these to yourself. Confine them to a notebook…never to be looked at until the project is done. These ideas might be great later. Right now, they will derail you.

I have this problem. Half of it is the way my mind works. I love ideas. The other half, unfortunately, is disguising fear.

It is so easy to hide behind ideas. Ideas are perfect because they haven’t been proven wrong…or right…by action. It is so much easier to see your idea as a dream up in a cloud, far off and beautiful. It’s much harder to shape it and put it out there to be criticized.

It’s like sending your kid off to kindergarten. You are taking something you helped create and putting it in a world that might criticize it, shape it, influence it, and worse reject it. So instead of letting it go you say, “Wait…here is one thing we can add to make it better. Let’s wait until this is done. Then it will be ready.”

And just like with your kid, you have to trust that your influence has been strong enough. You have to be confident that this thing you have poured your time and knowledge is strong enough to withstand the outside world.

Fear is normal. You can’t get rid of it. All you can do is take action in spite of it.

You have to be secure enough to know nothing grows in a vacuum. After all, you created this project to be shared…not hoarded.

So don’t add. What you have is good enough. Share what you have made. Ask for criticism. Welcome influence.

What you will find is there are people who will love what you have made as much as you do.

There will always be time to add.

Right now, go and share.