The Big Tasks Aren’t So Big

The big tasks just aren’t so big. Seriously, put a timer around your work.

In my case I intentionally gave myself less time than I thought I would need. I still ended up finishing faster than I expected.

Tomorrow I will be playing around with this more.

Decrease resources (time) to increase focus and creativity (production).

I am also very intentional about shutting down apps and notifications that don’t matter.

Appointment reminders , task due reminders, and direct messages (texts, Slack messages, etc) keep coming in while email, extra browser windows, social media, and any other type of distraction gets shut down.

Phone calls are still a challenge. I have our call center phone number tied to my cell phone. I don’t want to miss when there are a high volume of calls because I will help the team when there are more phone calls than people to answer them. This is one of the “interrupt me” priorities.

The process is working. Still, I am sure I will be making adjustments for tomorrow.