The Last 8 Months

The last 8 months have been the most challenging months of my life, at least professionally.

I quit a job. I started a company. I heard the word “no” more than I ever have. I have had rough conversations. I have failed to deliver on promises…and not for a lack of effort. I have switched directions and been forced to learn completely new skills.

It has been really, really hard.

And do you know what? I hope I can always say this because this same this same time has also been the most rewarding, freeing, happy times of my life, and my home life has never been better.

Why? I am out on a wire, and the only thing I can do is take action and trust God.

It’s energizing. Here is what I am learning about myself.

I love to see how far I can go.

I always think I can go further than I actually can.

I always believe I can get more done in a shorter period than I actually can.

Most of the time I am wrong, and that’s ok because if I did not believe I could do it I would never try.

Plus, every time I fail to accomplish exactly what I set out to do, I still end up closer to my goals.

I love this season of my life. I feel so much more because I care so deeply about every step I am taking.

I firmly believe we were designed by our creator to trust in Him by pushing ourselves past our perceived capabilities.

Here’s to the next 8 months.