The Life Skill of Persuasion

I put new training program in place a Envoy centered around persuasion. I believe this skill will bring the most impact to our organization because our success and failures lie in our ability to convince people to do what we need them to do for our customers–and then get them to actually do it.

The most biggest idea to understand when it comes to persuasion is: No matter what you do, you are in sales. You have to get over this. In order to succeed in life, you will have to convince others to believe in what you believe in or do what needs to be done.

How else will you…

  • convince a co-worker to help you on a project?
  • get a vendor to finish something on time?
  • keep your relationship healthy by making sure your partner stays sold on you?
  • get people around you have a positive attitude?
  • inspire people to follow your leadership and vision?
  • sell your product or service?
  • keep customers happy after they decide to buy?

What I am teaching my team, and the idea I am selling to you is you have to embrace and get comfortable with learning and practicing persuasion.

–Scott Reyes

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