Today did not go as planned…

I started a company because I wanted to great a great place for people to work.

I wanted to people to be free to organize their schedules, be the family members, parents, etc. they needed to be.

This has freed my team to show up for friends who needed them. Work from home when a kid was sick or a contractor is coming to their house. Pursue hobbies and whatever else.

The only thing I ask for in return is that they put everything they have professionally into their jobs.

I chose to work from home today because no one was going to the in the office. With all my kids at school, it was going to be a good opportunity to work in a different environment, uninterrupted, and get some of the creative and thinking work done that I have been unable to get done.

Then, my youngest got sick first thing this morning. Enter distraction, and my day getting thrown off course.

It would be easy to grow frustrated over this, but the reality is being available for times like this is the literal reason I wanted to work for myself and run my company the way that I do.

I am grateful, and today I was able to reconnect to the freedom and the environment I provide for my team because I benefited from it myself.

So while today was not what I hoped it would be, it is still a major win.