Vicitm vs. Leader Mentality

I read this article today about the difference between victims and leaders.

A victim sees a problem and blames someone else. A leader sees a problem and figures out how to solve it.

A team of leaders tends to win, even with moderate talent. A team of victims tends to lose, even with exceptional talent.

What fascinates me is how simple this idea is in its concept. The only thing distinguishing one mentality from the other is a decision about how to view and handle a problem. Anyone can choose to see a problem as a challenge to solve, yet so many people don’t. They cave and become a victim.

Maybe it’s because it’s easier to come up with reasons why something can’t happen. We have all faced failure and setbacks, so turning those stories into excuses feels safe. It’s harder to think creatively, be vulnerable, and move ourselves to take action.

The people that I admire most in my life are leaders. They go first. They put themselves out there. They take risks. They invest in others. They try things that make them uncomfortable. Most of all, they always believe they can make things better than they found it.

We need more leaders.