We Need More Leaders

Who inspires you? Why?

My guess is this person did something brave. They stood up for something or hung in there longer than the rest of the pack. They had a wild idea and the intestinal fortitude to take action.

The best, most inspiring stories are the ones where someone goes radically in another direction.

When I was a kid, I loved learning about Harriet Tubman. This lady escaped from slavery which is a bold move by itself. And then…

…she went back to help others.

I loved stories about Harriet Tubman. The idea of a bold super hero type woman leading a group of escaped slaves through a network of homes, hiding in secret basements under floors appealed to my young imagination. My mind would run wild, and I would day-dream about hiding under floors and traveling by night using the north star.

In my favorite story, Harriet Tubman hid from a search party by laying in a swamp. Then men and their dogs walked right by her, only able to find her walking stick. She was just feet from being discovered.

We love stories about people who take extraordinary risk to do great things.

We need more risk takers, people who go out ahead of a group and make things better for those who follow behind them.

We need leaders who develop more leaders.

We need men and woman who courageously do what’s right in the face of opposition.

We need people with both exceptional vision and execution skills.

We need those who are willing to shrug off criticism and ridicule because they know one day their decisions will be regarded.

Today someone is regarded as a foolish dreamer pursuing the impossible. Tomorrow, their story will be an inspiration to the masses.