What do you do when you KNOW you know be

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What do you do when you’re confident you know better?

You are watching from the sidelines, and you can see the mistakes being made.

Do you jump in because you know you can fix it?


Do you sit back and watch the failure?

When you believe you can do a better job at something, and you actually have the skill to back it up, you should jump in and things improve things. You have an obligation to.

I think about it this way. When I sit back, and allow other people to make mistakes under the guise of them learning from their own mistakes, things move slower. We win less. It costs more money. Complacency sets in.

When I allow the people around me to work at a lower level than they are capable of working, I set a standard that less is ok.

And…when I allow that standard for others, I start allowing it for myself.

It’s ok to be arrogant to a degree. It’s ok to jump in and say, you are doing this wrong. Here’s how to do it better. It’s ok to say, “That’s not good enough.” It’s ok to tell someone, “I know the right way. Do it like this.”

You just have to balance it out with self awareness and a willingness to allow others to speak up when they see you making mistakes, lowering your standards, growing complacent, and turning in a lesser version of the work you are capable of doing.

I like what DHH said:

Why on earth are you trying to change things, if you don’t believe you actually know better? If you can’t muster the conviction to believe in your own ideas, how on earth are you going to persuade others that they’re worth listening to?

Right? Now go make stuff better.