When It Starts To Click

Starting a business is different than working for yourself. Seth Godin talks about this when he recommends deciding if you are freelancing or creating a company. One isn’t necessarily better than the other. They are just 2 completely differnt strategies.

When we set out on our own to build FM Dashboard which ultimately became Envoy Facilities Maintenance, my co-founder and I decided we were creating a company that, if we one day decide to move on to something else, can run on it’s own.

This means thinking long term and taking more risks when it comes to leading people. If we are going to be replacing ourselves, the people who are going to replace us need to start building experience early on. The company has to have decision making ethics built into the culture. We have to give room for people to figure things out and make mistakes.

Otherwise, as leaders, we become the bottlenecks for the ornaziation. It’s been 3 years and 4 months, and the work and risk is starting to pay off. Here are the signs.

Team members talk about the decisions they are going to make instead of asking what to do.

Managers are replicating our meeting and execution rhythm on their own.

Ideas are being tested and implemented into our operating processes.

People work when we are not in the room.

It’s really neat seeing this progress. It’s a manifestation of decisions and actions from months and years ago. It’s motivating me to stay ahead of the curve because there are people who are closing in on me.

I’m really loving this entire process and look forard to many more years of it.