When It’s Harder It’s Also More Fulfilling

It’s day 2 of waking up at 5 am. My entire house is peaceful and quiet except for the clicking of my keyboard.

When I first started FM Dashboard. I was so excited I could never sleep. I would wake up at 5 without an alarm, make coffee, and head down to my basement office to start the day. On most days I would forget to eat. Everyday was a blessing from God to be able to pursue my dream.

When things are new, it’s so easy to stay motivated. Every task is exciting because it’s new. Every idea is great because it’s untested. It’s easy to find reasons to work really hard.

Then reality sets in. Progress is slower than you like. Some of your ideas aren’t as great as you believed they were. The work begins to become a chore, taunting you…making you question if you have what it take…if you made the right decision.

For anyone who has started a company, you know what this feels like. And some of you have learned how to battle those thoughts in your head. You refocused on the reasons you got started to begin with. You learned from what did not work, and you kept working.

I run in my neighborhood for half of my runs. The other half I run at a local park where it is mostly flat. I can put in 5–7 miles at the park with the same amount of energy I spend running 2–3 miles in my hilly neighborhood. But I feel more fulfilled from my hilly runs than I do from my runs at the park.

It’s the same way in business. Starting something is like running up a hill. Every now and then you think about how much easier it would be if it was a little more flat. You just keep pushing…taking the next best step…trusting in the reasons you started. And then you remember, while this work may be harder…the fulfillment is so much greater.

I absolutely love the season I am in right now. After almost 2 years of building a business, my team and I are in much better shape. We know what if feels like to be worn out without quitting. We have celebrated some big accomplishments. We have experienced falling hard. We have proven we have the strength to get back up and get back into pace (with some Divine intervention of course). Things are clicking. Motivation is coming back.

Sure, it’s hectic. Some days are hard. Heck, some days you feel like you are going to puke.

And other days I amazed by all of the good things happening around me.

I see what God has done for this company. I see the work He has helped our team accomplish, and I am overwhelmed by how far we have come.

I just keep pushing because I wouldn’t trade any of this.

If you are in the grind right now, keep pushing. It’s worth it. It’s making you stronger, better, and tougher. And also realize you’re not alone. We are rooting for you too.