Working. Broken. Missing. Confusing.

team Envoy doing some work
Team Envoy doing some work.

I spent the weekend in Chattanooga, TN with my team doing some planning of the future and celebration of what’s going on right now.

From a 3rd party perspective, we are winning. The business is better this year than they were last year. That’s a great thing.

But we have a team who is consistently focused on getting better. Because of this, our conversations always focus on the areas that are holding us back.

One of the tools I have learned recently is a variation on the classic S.W.O.T. analysis. It’s called Working, Broken, Missing, and Confusing.

I like these categories better because of the way they shape our team’s conversations. When place through the filter of our goals, we are able to speak in terms of obstacles that need to be removed instead of problems that need to be solved.

After filling out the list with everything we can think of, we assign people to write processes around what’s working.

Then we pick the top 3 things from the other categories, and they become our main areas of focus for the next 3 months. We pick three because it’s a manageable number.

Finally, we break out weekly tasks. We meet weekly to discuss progress and assign new weekly tasks. The rhythm that comes from this process make sure the biggest obstacles stay top of mind and are actually worked on.

What’s your favorite planning tool or exercise?