Write Every Day

I have always been a writer. I love it, and I encourage my oldest (he’s the only one who knows how) to write as well.

Strong written communication skills will help you in your personal and professional life. Here are my top 4 reasons I write every day.

Writing helps you clarify your thoughts.

If you are like me, your mind is constantly racing with thoughts. It can be your to do lists, something you are worrying about at work or with your kids, an idea you have, or maybe emotions that seem to be coming out of nowhere.

Writing will help you take abstract thoughts out of your head and make sense of them.

Writing help you realize what you know.

When you get lost in the day-to-day, you don’t stop to think about what you have experienced and what you learned from it. When you write, you increase your awareness of what is happening around you. Even more importantly, you increase your self-awareness and emotional maturity.

Writing helps you and helps others.

I love writing this blog because I love to share the things I have learned, the things I am learning, and the things I noticed.

I got some off-line feedback about a post I wrote. Really though, I wrote that for me…kind of a self-directed inspirational message slash kick in the pants to keep moving on a project I am working on.

In fact, most of what I write on this blog is about things I am working on or struggling with myself.

It can help you remember.

It’s funny. I was going through old journal entries the other day. I found a short blurb I wrote after I met with a friend for the first time. I simply wrote my thoughts on what I thought about him as a person. (Sounds weird, I know). Today we are great friends, and my first impressions held true.

I shared it with him, risking the embarrassment of admitting I wrote it. Ha! He thought it was cool.

So what should you do?

Write every day. Grab a journal, journaling software (I love the Day One for Mac and iOS), use Evernote, or whatever you feel like.

Set aside time at the beginning of the day and dump your brain out on paper. It doesn’t have to make sense. It can be a stream of thoughts. It can ramble. It is not for anyone else but you.

Try this for 5 days and see what you think.

Do I write every day?

I try to. But it doesn’t always pan out. If I don’t, no problem. You see, I have developed the love for it, so if a day goes by without writing I am usually wanting to the next day anyway.

Don’t put pressure on yourself. Just try it and week what you think.