You Are a Verbal Processor and You Are Frustrating Your Team

You’ve got it…Another great idea.

And just like all great ideas. It ought to be shared, discussed, debated.

So you go out and tell your team.

“Listen to this,” you say.

“Isn’t it great?” you ask.

Then you head back to your office, ready to think up the next great solution to your companies problems.

The problem is you were never committed. It is a half-baked thought. No one argued with you. No one asked questions. No one shot holes through it. It must not have been that great after all.

Meanwhile, your team is talking about it.

“Is he being serious?” they ask.

“He hasn’t followed through on the last 15 things he said we should do.”

“Should we invest our time?”

“No,” they decide, and they go back to work.

They are frustrated because you are more talk than action.

You are frustrated because you can’t get any participation.

You are a verbal processor, and you are exhausting your team.

Follow this script when you present your next idea.

“I was thinking about [problem], and I thought of a possible solution. It is just an idea right now. I have not completely thought it through.”

Then explain your idea, and ask for feedback.

Some people will talk. Others won’t. Believe it or not, there are people out there who think before they speak, so give them time, a day or so to get back to you.

Say, “For those of you who would like some time to think about this, will you shoot me an email by tomorrow afternoon?”

Try it. You will be amazed.