You know more than you realize

man taking notes

It’s true.

When’s the last time you took an inventory of your knowledge and experience? If you did this right now here is what you would find.

  1. There are things you do instinctively that most people can’t do.
  2. There are skills you have that you don’t use or lean into hard enough.
  3. You are probably not applying yourself as completely as you should be.

I have been thinking about this topic because I’m assessing how my company is performing in light of what we are working towards. I have encouraged my team to do the same for themselves.

The truth is there we have so much room for improvement, and we do so many things really well. Some of those are areas where we can add value to our customers, but aren’t because we did not think about them as a skillset.

By documenting and categorizing our intellectual inventory, we are opening up doors inside of our organization to perform better and grow in the ways we can help our customers.

So what hidden talents are you hiding from yourself? Where can you be adding value to others and to yourself that you are ignorant of today? You should search for answers to these questions.

You’ll be surprised what you find.