Write every day.

When you organize a closet, you first remove everything and put it on the floor.

You then toss out what you no longer need, maybe the items no longer bring you value, perhaps they are better for someone else, or maybe they are garbage in need of permanent disposal.

Finally, you take the remaining items and return them to your closet only now they are neatly placed and ready when needed. You feel joy, having accomplished this task, and with that joy, you build motivation and positivity for the future.

This is what a daily writing habit can do for you. You take the mess of everything in your brain and dump it onto a blank page.

You get rid of unuseful items–old ideas, negative self-talk, lies, wounds, fears, anger, regret.

You keep what is beneficial–principles, happy memories, lessons learned, dreams, goals, loving and joyful thoughts, gratitude, commitments, true statements of your value as a human being.

You put these wonderful ideas in a safe place, read them, share them with people whom you trust.

You might develop the courage to share them publicly with people who need to hear what you have to say.

Try it. Get a paper journal, a journaling app, blank paper, a blank page. It does not matter. Commit to removing the junk from your brain and organizing the ideas worth keeping.

You might love the way you feel when you write every day.