Consider the source.

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I have a question, but first I want to give you some background information.

Every person experiences the world through a filter of temperament, personality, and world view.

Your temperament is how you are hardwired, and you will fall into a combination of four types: dominant (be in charge), influencer (fun/social), steady (relationships), compliant (perfectionist/rules).

Your personality is more fluid, a combination of temperament and life experiences. It is usually developed at a young age. However, your personality can change as a result of a life-changing experience or if your mental health strengthens or weakens.

Finally, you have your world-view which is what you learn from your environment, taught by your parents, school, culture, and life events.

Human beings are egoist and wired for survival. We surround ourselves with people who are like us and agree with us for at least two reasons (there are certainly more). First, we find strength in numbers. We are better prepared for an attack (physical or emotional) when we have a tribe of people to help us. Second, thinking burns calories, and we want to burn the fewest calories possible. Being open-minded is exhausting.

Most of the advice I see in the temperament/personality space goes like this:

Understand who you are so you can modify your behavior when you are interacting with people who are different than you.

Do you agree with this idea?