My mom made this soup for me as a kid. I was craving it, so I did my best to recreate if from the flavors I remember. It’s incredible how food tied to a memory feels exactly like love. I think it actually is love, so I am sharing it with you. Ingredients 1 chopped […]

Best of season one.

The team behind the Top Restaurateurs podcast and I published the season one finale which consisted of moments we loved from the show. It’s got me thinking about a new format with more commentary for season two of the show. I love hosting this podcast because I love interviewing people who run businesses, especially in […]

It wasn’t about landing on the moon.

Prior to going to the moon, a computer took up an entire room. In order to land on the moon, a computer had to fit inside the cockpit of a rocket. In the end, they got it to fit inside a one square foot box. If the goal was to make a small computer, I […]

Move fast and make adjustments.

My approach to getting stuff done has always been to trust my intuition, move fast, and make adjustments. Sometimes this creates a mess. Other times, I stumble upon something that I could have only discovered through taking action. I would rather make errors of action than errors of apathy.

Working on an iPad.

I was reading through Day One posts from the past and saw this one. Two years later, this is not the case. Once iPadOS came out, I switched back to my iPad as my only computer. I have not touched my computer in over one month. The browser issue is fixed. I can edit videos […]

Efficiency vs. productivity.

Efficiency is getting something done as quickly as possible. Productivity is getting stuff done. Too often these terms are confused. People say they want to be more productive, but what they are really saying is they want to get more done with less work. The people I admire are people who produce. They produce good […]

One. Deep. Breath.

My wife came home from a training our church was holding emotional and mental health and couldn’t stop telling me about all the stuff she learned in a session with Dr. Jerome Lubbe. She found a YouTube video of a smaller talk he did, and it’s worth a watch. Starting a running a company is […]

Turning luck into lessons.

Two of my team members and I recorded our season one recap episode for Top Restaurateurs this morning. It’s going to be a fun one to listen to. Nate, our Director of Business Development, said something that jumped out at me during our conversation. He said one of our guests was very good at turning […]

Grit in my kids.

I took my three youngest boys to a trampoline park today. They have a feature there where you try to knock an opponent off a balance beam using a padded pole. At one point I looked over and saw my 12 year up against an older kid who stood at least a foot taller and […]

What’s working right now.

I’ve spent most of the last 4 months chasing my tail. We got the MVP version of LineCheck running in June, and have had a a tough go at developing a lead generation model to hit the goals we were after. Then a couple of weeks ago, something started clicking. I’ve spent this week studying […]