A Good Country Mile, Kevn Kinney & The Golden Palominos (2012).

I had the opportunity to see Kevn Kinney play a singer-songwriter set a few weeks about. I’ve always enjoyed Drivin N Cryin, but I only knew their hits.

I was struck by Kinney’s story telling in the songs that he played. I found him brilliant and comfortable on stage. He wasn’t trying to prove anything. He seemed like he was doing what he loved and was simply sharing his experience and feeling with everyone in the room.

Before the set wrapped up, one of the other performers told a story about Kinney. He said he was on tour with him and and woken up in a bad mood, hungover from the night before. He walked to the front of the bus, and Kinney was standing there holding little chocolate figurines. Kinney said, “Hey man. I was at the dollar store, and I saw these little chocolate figurines. They made me think of you, so I bought them for you.” The other performer said, “That’s the day I knew I would know this man forever.”

I couldn’t wait to listen to more of what Kinney had written.

I’ve been listening to “A Good Country Mile” frequently since that day. I’m in love with it. It captures a nostalgic feeling that I will try to explain:

It feels like sitting alone in a room, feeling the weight of all that’s good and bad, knowing all of that is for good, and knowing we are never really alone. I close my eyes, and I feel the room expand infinitely. There is so much space around me, and that weight I was feeling is off of me. It’s now in the air around me…expanding as the room expands. I open my eyes and the weight comes back to me, but not like a weight. Instead it is warm like a hug.

This is where great music, great art, great food, great books, and great conversation take me. It’s not sad. It’s not happy. It just is, and it’s right now, and there is so much comfort in that feeling. I wish I could sit in it always.