Building an app.

The first place to start with building an app, or a service, is to focus on a problem to solve. People don’t buy products and services. People buy solutions.

The mistake most people make, and the mistake I’ve made in my career, is they assume that the surface problem is the real problem. They don’t take time to explore why a problem exists. Instead, they start putting their plan together, making their product or putting together their service.

This is a mistake because products and services that solve surface problems either create more work without providing value, or they become commodities.

The correct approach is to stop and ask why a problem exists and to keep asking until you get to a root issue. When you get to a root issue, chances are there are other problems caused when this root issue is not corrected.

While you can build businesses around solving surface level problems, your chances of success are multiplied when you focus on root issues.