One. Deep. Breath.

My wife came home from a training our church was holding emotional and mental health and couldn’t stop telling me about all the stuff she learned in a session with Dr. Jerome Lubbe. She found a YouTube video of a smaller talk he did, and it’s worth a watch. Starting a running a company is […]

Turning luck into lessons.

Two of my team members and I recorded our season one recap episode for Top Restaurateurs this morning. It’s going to be a fun one to listen to. Nate, our Director of Business Development, said something that jumped out at me during our conversation. He said one of our guests was very good at turning […]

Grit in my kids.

I took my three youngest boys to a trampoline park today. They have a feature there where you try to knock an opponent off a balance beam using a padded pole. At one point I looked over and saw my 12 year up against an older kid who stood at least a foot taller and […]

What’s working right now.

I’ve spent most of the last 4 months chasing my tail. We got the MVP version of LineCheck running in June, and have had a a tough go at developing a lead generation model to hit the goals we were after. Then a couple of weeks ago, something started clicking. I’ve spent this week studying […]

Posting every day in November.

It’s November, the month of abstaining from certain activities to bring awareness to causes. Just Google “no November” to get a list. It’s also National Novel Writing Month, and while I will not be writing a novel, I would like to practice my daily blogging habit again. This seems like the month to do it. […]

Complacency and parmesan cheese

I wrote this for my company marketing email, and I wanted to share it here as well. What does parmesan cheese have to do with restaurant management? The best part of hosting Top Restaurateurs is what I get to learn. Recent guest Tim McLoone told one of the best allegories about unmanaged restaurants I have […]

Unconscious Competence

There are skills you possess which are so natural or innate you don’t recognize them as skills. Often these are skills you picked up watching your parents or peers. Great speakers and sales people are usually the children of great speakers and sales people. They are tied to your temperament and personality. It’s easier for […]

Another podcast, seriously?

Yep. Thanks to my Envoy team, we are producing the restaurant industry’s first podcast dedicated to interviewing CEO’s and Founders about the business side of running restaurants. It’s less back story and more real actionable advice business owners can learn from and apply. I am having a blast doing the interviews, meeting and learning from […]