I've been in client meetings with our LineCheck beta customers over the past 3 weeks. I am so excited about this product because of the problem it solves.

Complacency kills restaurants.

Restaurants don't grow complacent in an instant. They creep that direction, building momentum in every passing moment.

The basics get shortcut because they seem seem unimportant. Maybe they have a time constraint, so they cut a corner…just this once. No one notices. So, the next time the situation comes up, they take the same shortcut. Soon a habit starts.

A shortcut in one area leads to shortcuts in other areas…or bigger areas. Before you know it, these shortcuts have crept into every process in your restaurant until you have a culture of complacency.

Your lines aren’t set up correctly before a rush. Your bathrooms don’t get cleaned. Your equipment doesn’t get the attention you deserve. Things start breaking. Customers stop coming back.

The fundamentals are so important. Get them right, and the almost everything takes care of itself. Ignore them, take shortcuts, become complacent, and you will have a really hard time moving your business forward.

This is what LineCheck is all about. It’s Restaurant Execution Software (RES) designed to meek you and your operations team executing on your fundamentals. You schedule your processes and know when they are not done on time or incorrectly.

It’s the visibility restauranteurs need to be sure the fundamentals are being taken care of.