I gave myself two areas of focus this year.

One. I wanted to run my business like I owned it. I am building a machine, not a job. I wanted to be free to figure out how to grow this thing I started into my original vision for it: create a place where people love to work, feel free and safe to challenge themselves and grow, and to make an impact in the lives of everyone it touches.

Two. I wanted to invest in my network. My opportunities, achievements, and most impactful come from people in my life. The best way to win in life is to be irrationally helpful to others without expecting anything in return. The thing is, it all comes around. This week has been confirmation of that. Life is about what you contribute, not what you consume.

These are the stairs I climb to get to my favorite breakfast spot, the place where I sit down and work on turning this dream I have into a reality.

Thank you to everyone who plays a part in this. You people rock. I love you, and I am so grateful.