Fixing an acute problem.

I have spent the last 7 years building a maintenance management software business. I have learned a lot about business, leadership, software development. The biggest business lesson I have learned is you have to solve an acute problem in order to find success.

Acute problems are only found when you ask why over and over again until you get to something that can’t be broken down any more.

In the facilities maintenance world, stuff breaks. But if stuff breaks too often, it can usually be traced back to operational inefficiencies. Someone did not follow the process or the process that was followed was broken.

One of the greatest challenges when creating consistency is when multiple people are involved. This is especially true when you have multiple locations, and the same thing needs to be done at each one. Chances are there will be discrepancies in how the work is performed.

Restaurants have long used checklists to tackle this problem. You know, the laminated paper on a clipboard. You fill them out with a dry erase marker when you know the district manager is going to be making a visit to your location.

The problem with these lists is they can be faked. You know this because you have seen restaurant restroom cleaning logs. If the form that is out in public is not completed, what do you think is going on with the ones hanging in the kitchen.

We are fixing this problem.