Grit in my kids.

I took my three youngest boys to a trampoline park today. They have a feature there where you try to knock an opponent off a balance beam using a padded pole. At one point I looked over and saw my 12 year up against an older kid who stood at least a foot taller and 70 pounds heavier. We will call him Big Guy.

Big Guy must have knocked my son off the beam over a dozen times, each time swinger harder than the last. My son just kept getting up and trying again, listening to the taunting and laughing from his opponent.

Then Big Guy took a giant swing towards my son’s head. My son ducked down and stood back up as he returned a blow in the direction Big Guy was leaning. Big Guy fell hard off the beam.

Then my son walked over to where Big Guy was laying, said something and threw his pole down at him before walking away towards a crown of cheering kids.

When we left, I told him I watched the whole thing and asked him what he was thinking when he kept getting up. He said, “I was thinking, he is either going to hurt me, or I am going to beat him.”

This is what grit looks like, and he inspired me to up my action this week.