How to organize highlights from eBooks.

I am really enjoying the Readwise app for syncing and organizing highlights. It’s an incredible way to remember and find information from books I’ve read.

I plan on writing a full review, but here are the basics.

  1. Sync Kindle, Apple Books, Instapaper, Feedly, Twitter, Medium, Pocket, etc. (There’s a bunch 👍🏼.)
  2. Get an email every day with random highlights in the “Daily Review.” There are ways to configure how many highlights and the mixture of recent and older highlights.
  3. Search all of your highlights in one place through the web or the mobile app.
  4. Tag highlights for organization.

Here is how I am using it.

  1. The “Daily Review” is a nice spark if I am in a creative rut. I like to add notes to quotes when they show up in a daily review.
  2. It replaces (kind of) social media scrolling. I open Readwise and scroll through quotes instead of random posts from the internet.
  3. I search for quotes…no need to remember what book it came from.
  4. I have purchased eBook versions of heavily highlighted books. I go duplicate all the highlights in the digital version. It’s been a great review.
  5. I make highlights in Feedly Pro and Instapaper. I read many great articles, so it’s nice to be able to remember things I like. Pro-tip, I send all of my email newsletters to Feedly, to keep them out of my inbox. It’s great to be able to highlight ideas I want to revisit later.

If you read a lot, definitely check out Readwise. If you sign up through this link, you’ll get a month free (so will I).