iOS updates I am excited about, parenting, and more advice for building software.

My digital detox continues. I am reading articles that get recommended to me by people I trust, and I have culled the RSS feeds I follow to focus on higher value content. Here is what I have read and written this week.

Stuff I read… 3 Ways iOS 13 Will Make You More Productive

Jason Snell:

This also opens the door for iOS to really take advantage of external displays. Imagine docking an iPad Pro to a 4K monitor and having all your apps automatically adapt to the presence of a large screen, keyboard and pointing device. That new capability could make the iPad (or maybe even the iPhone) a much more flexible device.

I hope this happens. Other things mentioned in this article are mice support, windowing for apps, and Safari being treated like a desktop browser on iPad. If this stuff can happen, we will be so close to my dream of having one device for everything.

Read the post on I Raised Two CEOs and a Doctor. These Are My Secrets to Parenting Successful Children

Esther Wojcicki:

We are in a crisis of trust the world over. Parents are afraid, and that makes our children afraid — to be who they are, to take risks, to stand up against injustice.

This article is not about defining occupation as success. There are some great ideas about raising kind, confident children.

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Stuff I wrote… What software is for.

Scott Reyes:

The way I see it, software should free people to do what people do best: create things and solve problems. When you spend your entire day interacting with software, you don’t have time for these things.

This thought resurfaced recently. If you have been following for the last couple of weeks, you know I have been radically adjusting the way I use my devices and the internet in general. Software should free people to be more human.

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Book recommendation… Deep Work

Cal Newport:

Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. It's a skill that allows you to quickly master complicated information and produce better results in less time.

Newport’s other book, Digital Minimalism, was so helpful to me in regaining clarity and focus, I decided to read this one as well. It seems everything I have read online about focus parrots what Newport says in this book. It’s great information and applicable advice if you’re tired of feeling distracted and fuzzy-minded.

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