My failed startup attempt.

Our team did everything right. Great business ideas start with a real problem. We had a big one. They have a niche market. We had one of those. They have a solution that saves more than 10 times what the product costs. We had that covered. The product can be made for significantly less than the price. Check. But our start up failed anyway, at least temporarily.

The story

Have you ever been in a restaurant or retail restroom with a blank or outdated cleaning chart on the wall? Chances are there are more empty checklists in the building. Repeatable businesses like restaurant and retail chains run on processes, and processes run on checklists.

As the adage goes, what is measure gets repeated. The only way checklists can be measured is when the person doing the measuring is in the building. Linecheck solved that problem. It created digital versions of checklists, set them to a schedule, and emailed the boss if they weren’t done on time.

Restaurants loved it. They could do their temperature checks, line checks, inventory checks, bathroom checks, side-work checks, opening checks, closing checks…you get the point. We received a ton of early adoption. It seemed obvious our tool was going to be a success.

The problem was se launched at the end of 2019, and every customer we had was forced to shut down operations for various periods of time. It was bad timing to say the least.

We decided to table the idea until the market settled. And we believe now is the time to bring Linecheck back to life.

The resurrection of Linecheck

We are opening a limited about of accounts for early adopters to use Linecheck. Qualifying applicants:

  • Must be a restaurant or food service business
  • Must have at least 3 locations
  • Must be willing to provide feedback and participate in periodic surveys
  • Must have current processes and checklists for their business

Visit to apply.

You can learn more about the software here.