Physical books, creating development specs, and a book recommendation.

I didn’t spend time reading online this week. I have spent my time working our new application (website coming soon) and reading physical books. I just finished “The Bullet Journal Method” which I share more about below.

Next up on the list are two books by Cal Newport, “Digital Minimalism” and “Deep Work.”

I’ve noticed my capacity to stay focused and think critically is less than what it used to be. Thanks to my journalling habit, I figured that started around 2015. As a result, I am going back to habits which were in my life prior to that time: reading physical books, self educating, and writing.

Stuff I wrote… Writing a development spec.

Scott Reyes:

Think about the features you need for the first version of your software. Make sure your instructions are clear.

This posts outlines how we lay out new projects. The development spec is like a blueprint for creating software.

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Book recommendation… The Bullet Journal Method

Ryder Carroll:

Intentionality is the power of the mind to direct itself toward that which it finds meaningful and take action toward that end.

I picked this book up to learn an analog productivity method. It’s way more than that. I found myself nodding my head and underlining passages as I devoured this book in two days. If you are feeling overwhelmed, busy, or just looking for something different in life, read this book.

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