Posting every day in November.

It’s November, the month of abstaining from certain activities to bring awareness to causes. Just Google “no November” to get a list.

It’s also National Novel Writing Month, and while I will not be writing a novel, I would like to practice my daily blogging habit again. This seems like the month to do it.

Looking back, most of my opportunities have come as a result of my writing. I have been accepted into summer academies, gained employment, raised money to start businesses, attracted early customers, convinced people to work for my companies, met cool people, started a podcast, and sold stuff…all because if being able to write well.

Currently, the best lead generation strategy we have for our products is sending a 3-times-per-week email to a ton of people telling them stories about how their jobs will be better with our products.

The leaders I follow and emulate are great writers and write often…people like Jason Fried, Derek Sivers, Bryan Miles, Fred Wilson, Brad Feld, Seth Godin, and David Heinemeier Hansson.

I already write daily (privately) with the Day One app. It helps me clarify my thinking, get rid of negativity, and log my memories. I believe it will be a powerful collection of thoughts to leave behind to my kids and future generations.

So let this be my public commitment to hit publish every day on this blog. If you want to follow along, subscribe via email.