Quiet your ego, building businesses, being trained by a SEAL and more.

My favorite things from the internet this week.

This post is a list of my favorite articles I read this week and a recap of what I wrote.

Stuff I read… The Pressing Need for Everyone to Quiet Their Egos

Scott Barry Kaufman:

The goal of the quiet ego approach is to arrive at a less defensive, and more integrative stance toward the self and others, not lose your sense of self or deny your need for the esteem from others. You can very much cultivate an authentic identity that incorporates others without losing the self, or feeling the need for narcissistic displays of winning. A quiet ego is an indication of a healthy self-esteem, one that acknowledges one’s own limitations, doesn’t need to constantly resort to defensiveness whenever the ego is threatened, and yet has a firm sense of self-worth and competence.

The older I get, the more I realize my opinions are mostly what I have been told to believe or have been significantly shaped by my narrow life-experience. It’s way more fun to learn how other people think and learn to see the blind spots I have have developed.

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Dave Nevogt:

Choosing a niche is the easiest advice to give and the hardest advice to take. When you don’t have traction, it feels like choosing a niche will exclude the few people who are coming in the door. In reality when we chose “email marketing for professional bloggers” everything changed.

The idea of launching to a hyper-niche market keeps popping up in success stories.

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Field Mag:

An unconventional geometric cabin embraces the natural landscape with modular fabrication

I dream of living in a city and then escaping to a mountain house that looks like this on the weekends.

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Book recommendation… Book Recommendation: Living with a Seal

Jesse Itzler:

Living with a SEAL is like a buddy movie if it starred the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air…and Rambo. Jesse is about as easy-oing as you can get. SEAL is…not. He even shows up at Jesse's apartment with an inflatable raft just in case the Itzler family ever has to escape Manhattan by crossing the Hudson River.

This is a great audiobook to listen to while you are working out. No doubt Jesse was getting pushed harder than you are pushing yourself.

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Stuff I wrote… Systems + Accountability = Growth

Scott Reyes:

People spend too much time overcomplicating this concept. Growth is simple.

I have been thinking about this because I have started training for a marathon again. The plan is in place. Now it’s about doing the work. Growth will happen as a result.

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