I have a dream of having one computer and nothing else. Ideally, it would be a phone that would cast to other peripherals depending on what needed to be done. This would happen wirelessly allowing the phone to still be used on it’s own.

I spend time experimenting with other devices to get down to as few as possible. Right now, that is my iPhone XR and my 10.5” iPad Pro with LTE.

I find that with this setup I can do 99% of what I need to do, only going to a laptop when I have to do something complex in QuickBooks Online or when I need to use Stamps.com. iPad OS is going to take care of the QuickBooks Online situation, and delegating will take care of the Stamps.com situation.

These two devices, an iPhone and an iPad Pro take the place a paper notebook, a camera, pens, a computer, extra chargers, and carrying around paper. The size and form factor make them super portable. Their power makes them super capable.

And thinking about it more, even when we get down to a phone that does everything, I would still probably carry around some sort of external display when I need a bigger screen. So, one device may not even be as convenient as a very powerful phone and a very powerful tablet.

This set up may already be paired down to the fewest devices possible.

What do you think?