Unconscious competence.

There are skills you possess which are so natural or innate you don’t recognize them as skills.

Often these are skills you picked up watching your parents or peers. Great speakers and sales people are usually the children of great speakers and sales people.

They are tied to your temperament and personality. It’s easier for people to be assertive, be good at conflict resolution, entertain, or problem solve when their natural tendencies lean that direction.

It’s important to be able to identity these skills because they often point to areas where you can make the greatest contribution. I find this exercise particularly beneficial when I am stuck. If I think through skills of which I am unconsciously competent, I am able to see a path to break through.

So spend 30 minutes reflecting and noticing what you do well. Document the steps you take when you are using those skills. Do work to understand why are you have those skills. What you uncover will open doors for you.