What toilet paper says about your company culture.

I wrote this post for LinkedIn, but decided to share it here as well since this idea is applicable to live in general…not just business.

I noticed a piece of toilet paper lying on the ground in the restroom, and it reminded me…

There are two types of leaders (maybe more, but humor me).

The first sees toilet paper on the ground and thinks, “I am going to leave this here to see how long it takes someone to pick it up.”

The second sees it and picks it up because they don’t want toilet paper laying on the ground.

Leaders talk about culture, but culture is really the way everyone behaves.

It’s like water…it trickles down from the top. But it also forces it’s way through cracks in the basement, through poorly sealed windows and doors and flows up from clogged floor drains.

Why am I telling you this?

Because the way you take care of your facilities tells your employees a lot about what kind of company they work for…

A “leave it and see what someone else does” kind of company…

Or, an “I’ll go ahead and get it done now” company.

Which kind do you work for? Which kind do you lead?

Do you want employees who take care of your customers? Then, take care of the locations they work in and the equipment they use?

Do you want a more productive team? Then, fix the tools they use to do their work…of get them new ones that help them be more efficient.

Taking care of your facilities is an extension of taking care of your people.