What’s working right now.

I’ve spent most of the last 4 months chasing my tail. We got the MVP version of LineCheck running in June, and have had a a tough go at developing a lead generation model to hit the goals we were after.

Then a couple of weeks ago, something started clicking. I’ve spent this week studying our customers and their buying path. We are really close to a repeatable and scalable lead generation model.

We have not changed much when it comes to messaging or buyer persona. The product is improving weekly, but it’s not changing what it does. What’s working is the frequency of communication. We started emailing our list every Monday, Wednesday, Friday instead of once a week. All of our metrics are up: opens, clicks, demos scheduled, and yes, unsubscribes.

People are so busy it is unlikely they will notice you the first time.

The other area where we are doing more is our demo time. We used to qualify and demo on the same call. Now we are breaking it up over two calls. Call one is to qualify a lead’s problem can be solved with our software, selling the solution, and discussing price. The second call is the one where we actually show the product. Our close rates are up because of it.

I have always believed an increase in action leads to an increase in results. And, if you pay attention and improve, you get and exponential return on action over time. It’s really fun to see that principal work.