Working on an iPad.

I was reading through Day One posts from the past and saw this one.

Two years later, this is not the case. Once iPadOS came out, I switched back to my iPad as my only computer. I have not touched my computer in over one month. The browser issue is fixed. I can edit videos in LumaFusion. I can edit podcasts in Ferrite. I could use Affinity Designer if I wanted to, but I found Fiver and 99 Designs, so I don’t mess around with design any more.

I find I am more productive on an iPad because I stay focused. It’s not as easy to switch between ten open applications. Windows cover the whole screen so I don’t get distracted by something else that’s open. I love Shortcuts. I love iOS apps like Ulysses, Day One, and Things.

Most of all I love how easy how little stuff I have to carry and how light my backpack is as a result.

Ultimately, my dream is to have one device for everything, and that dream keeps getting closer every year.