I’m a dad and an entrepreneur.

A little about me.

  • I moved from Southern California to North Georgia in 7th grade.

  • My grandpa showed me the internet in 1993.

  • I had a son at 19 and dropped out of college.

  • Married the girl and had 5 more sons.

  • I’ve started 3 companies. 2 didn’t work.

  • I live in North Georgia with my family.

Some things I believe.

  • People think they want to be happy, but they really want to be confident.

    • Confident people are happy people.

    • Confidence only comes action.

  • It’s the helpful who win.

    • Successful people like to help people.

    • Successful people ask for help.

  • Imposter syndrome is actually a superpower.

    • It means you care.

    • If you care, you do better work.

  • It’s better to try something than read about it or think about it.

    • Trying means taking action.

    • Taking action leads to confidence.

    • In this case it also leads to experience.

    • Confidence is multiplied by experience.

  • The greatest thing about being a dad is watching your kid do something they didn’t think they could do.

    • Maybe it’s overcoming a fear.

    • Maybe it’s solving a math problem.

    • Whatever it is, you get to watch someone you love wake up to a new reality.

  • Discipline is more about knowing what you want than doing things you don’t like.

    • This shifts the focus to working towards something.

    • Otherwise, you’re being a masochist for no gain.

  • You are exactly where you want to be in life.

    • People don’t change their behavior or move to a new environments unless they unwilling to accept their current ones.

    • Everything is life is a choice. Sometimes we choose negative consequences because they come along with positive ones.

  • If you’re feel like crap, the best way to start feeling is to take care of your body.

    • Go for a walk.

    • Walk farther.

    • Walk faster.

    • Pick up heavy things.

    • Eat better food.

    • Sleep better.

    • Think better thoughts.

    • Action leads to confidence.

    • Confidence leads to happiness.

I write about what I am doing, reading, thinking, and learning. Click the button to follow along.

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